The BLTA Executive


President: Mary Chalmers (Shevchenko)
Vice President: Kerry Enns (W. C. Miller)
Treasurer: Rob Stadeski (RLG)
Secretary: Melissa Nogier (Shevchenko)
Professional Development: Rachel Smith (Elmwood)
Workplace Safety & Health: Mary Chalmers
Collective Bargaining: Rob Stradeski (RLG)
Education Finance: Joel Wiebe (RAEC)
Indigenous Voice and Action: Paula Armstrong (Horizon School)
Equity and Social Justice: Donna Osadchuk (Shevchenko)
Public Relations: Donna Osadchuk (Shevchenko)
Employee Benefits: Larissa Nash (RVS)

Contact Us:

  • You can contact the Executive directly through their divisional emails if you have questions about the work they do on behalf of the Association.
  • You can contact the President Mary Chalmers at or by cellphone at (204)-371-0721.
  • You can send a quick message to President Mary Chalmers through our Contact Us page.