Insurance and Benefits

Short-Term Disability Coverage

Your short-term disability coverage provides income replacement to cover the gap, if any, between the number of sick days you've accumulated and 80 days, when the Long-Term Disability Plan kicks-in. Every year, members accumulate unused sick days up to the total stated in the Collective Agreement. If you are relatively new to BLSD or you're returning to work after a long absence due to illness, you might not have accumulated enough sick days to get to 80.

CLICK HERE to find out more about your Short-Term Disability Benefits Plan. For more information contact the BLTA President or a staff officer at the Manitoba Teachers' Society.

Long-Term Disability Coverage

The MTS Long-Term Disability Benefits Plan assists members through periods of disability by offering income replacement, rehabilitation support, and return-to-work assistance. The plan's benefits begin after a teacher has been off work for 80 days.

CLICK HERE for more information about your Long-Term Disability Benefits Plan. For more information contact the BLTA President or a staff officer at the Manitoba Teachers' Society.

Pension and Retirement Planning

The Teachers’ Retirement Allowances Fund (TRAF) is the pension plan for all public school teachers in Manitoba. Create an account on the TRAF website in order to keep track of your pension and make retirement plans. TRAF also allows members to make additional voluntary contributions that are invested with TRAF and provide a favorable rate of return - something worth investigating as you plan for retirement.

The Manitoba Teachers' Society offers Pre-Retirement Seminars across Manitoba. Even if you're not retiring in the immediate future, it might be worthwhile to take-in a seminar in order to support your planning. Information is available on the MTS website or through BLTA.

Planning for Maternity or Paternity Leave?

Planning for maternity or paternity leave can be one of the most exciting times of your life. MTS has made the planning process easier by providing resources and support. MTS  has published a booklet entitled Maternity & Parental Leave which outlines the steps one needs to take when planning for maternity leave. MTS staff officer Ashleigh Deeley-Michaluk has created a video explaining the basic steps of maternity leave planning.

Still have questions? Contact Ashleigh Deeley-Michaluk, the MTS expert on maternity leave, by calling 1-800-262-8803 or by email at

Maternity Leave Video Guide

Maternity Leave Handbook

Optional Life - Save on Insurance

Did you know that MTS members can purchase life insurance at incredibly competitive rates? Well, we can! MTS offers an optional life plan that allows members to purchase up to $300,000 in additional coverage well below the cost of market insurance rates.

The cost of insurance for loans, mortgages, and car leases can be quite high. Investigate the MTS Optional Life Plan before you buy insurance from other vendors.

MTS Optional Life Page

MTS Optional Life Brochure

Deferred Salary Leave

Our collective agreement has a provision for deferred salary leave (Article 4.05). In order to access this leave, members must apply to the division no later than March 31 of each year. Member may agree to defer up to 33 percent of gross salary for up to 6 school years to allow for a paid or self-funded leave of up to one school year. Members must return to teaching assignment for a period equivalent to the period of leave.

Contact the BLSD Division Office to make provisions for your deferred salary leave. When you're ready to take your leave, contact MTS to make sure that you've made arrangements to maintain your benefits during the leave.