Collective Bargaining

Annual Collective Bargaining Report


The year started with the Summer Bargaining Seminar at Hecla Island in August.  We spent three days going over the current atmosphere within the Province as far as collective bargaining goes.  We discussed the deteriorating relationship between MTS and the provincial government.  Finally, we tried to prepare a timeline as to what we would be looking at for the upcoming year.

These themes continued for the Fall Seminar in October and the Spring Seminar in March but with updated information.

Over the winter, the committee put together a survey that gave us lots of insight as to the working conditions and needs of the members.  The survey had an over 60% response which was better that the MTS workload survey.

Using the information from the survey, input from members, and a lot of help from MTS, we have developed our opening package.  Some of the highlights are on the following page.

In April, we deliver our opening letter which signifies to the division that we are ready to bargain towards a new collective agreement.  We have yet to hear from the division in response.

Going forward, we are ready to negotiate as soon as the division and the union can find a mutually agreeable time to meet.


Respectfully submitted,

Rob Stradeski, CB Chair.