Equity and Social Committee

ESJ Report – Submitted by Amber Toews

May, 2018

Annual Report

Seminars attended –

Summer Seminar – August 2017

Topics                History of ESJ in Manitoba

Anchoring Our Work in Important Conversations

Summer Institute – August 2017

Topics                Indigenous Education

Fall Seminar – November 2017

Topics                How do we sustain and contribute to the next great leaders

Tours of Welcome Place, Peaceful Village

Hate Speech is not Free Speech

Gordon Neufeld – February 2018

Topic                  Raising Children in a Wounding World

Winter Seminar            – February 2018

Topics                Education Finance

Bargaining for Equity

ESJ for Sustainable Development

Bill 28

Let’s talk teaching – taking back the conversation

Spring Regional Meeting – May

ESJ library is available… Remember I have a small library of great books.

Titles include:

The Every Teacher Project                     Teaching to Diversity                               The Inconvenient Indian

Safe and Caring Schools – A resource for Equity and Inclusion in MB Schools (GSA handbook)

Life After War: Education as a Healing Process for Refugee and War and-Affected Children

The Comeback

A Knock On the Door

Is Everyone Really Equal?

Educator’s Equity Workbook and Companion Guide

2nd GSA Handbook

Men Explain Things to Me

The Break

The Invisible North


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