Vice President’s Annual Report

Vice President’s Annual Report

Kerry Enns

The duties of the BLTA vice-president depend on the needs of the president. When the president is not available the vice-president is available to step-in to carry out her duties. I have not been called-in to do so this year. Instead my work has largely been to support our president and act as a sounding-board for her ideas and to provide some advice when there are problems to solve. Since my work takes me to Shevchenko school several times a month, Mary and I have been able to touch-base to discuss Association concerns.

This year the renewal of the BLTA Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy was placed on my “duties as assigned” list. At first the task seemed to be a daunting one; upon further examination, however, I discovered that the templates that MTS provided to locals were excellent. The constitution itself is largely a boiler-plate document that only required minor editing to fit BLTA’s needs. The real work was in developing a unique set of BLTA by-laws and policies. Our by-laws had previously been integrated with the constitution which meant that some surgery needed to take place. We also had items in the constitution that were recategorized as policy. I hope that we only have minimal editing to do after MTS has had a chance to review the document.

Respectfully Submitted by

Kerry Enns, Vice President