Workplace Safety and Health

Workplace Safety & Health

Co-Chair Jeff Norris

May  2018

Annual Business Meeting Report


Training Attended:

  • October – WSH Training Seminar
  • Due to medical emergency February training was missed, but spoke to Darren Hardy and received information that was delivered.


Meeting Attended:

  • October – BLSD WSH Meeting
  • January – BLSD WSH Meeting
  • March – BLSD WSH Meeting
  • June – Final BLSD WSH Meeting

Priority Issues or Concerns:

The divisional WSH Committee is co-chaired by Barry Friesen and myself. The committee meets 4 times per year. One major aspect of the committee is to review health and safety, as well as violent incidents to make sure that proper actions are taken to remedy the situation and prevent future occurrences. The committee attempted to create a violent incident log to ease the task of having re-occurring incidents, but sadly it was unable to be used.

The committee also works to inspect and monitor schools for meeting WSH standards. One goal for the committee this year is to review work alone procedures and ensure they are being followed and are effective for all.

The WSH Committee is also committed to providing training and testing for those require it. All members received WHMIS/GHS training. This year, First Aid/CPR training was done for numerous employees. Select Divisional childcare staff received ladder training. As well, hearing testing was offered for BLSD members who work in noisy locations.

I have enjoyed this year getting my feet wet as WSH Co-Chair and am looking forward to continuing my work next year.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeff Norris