May Annual Business Meeting

So, this year is slowly drawing to a close, we have had our Annual Business Meeting and the Provincial Council of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society has met.  We are winding down at the office here, there should be one more President’s Blog look for it here before June 29th, 2018..

What happened at the Border Land Teachers’ Association Annual Business Meeting:

This year every committee submitted an Annual Report. I will post the report under each of the tabs for you to read. Collective Bargaining shared with the Council the issues and articles that they are reviewing and will use in the opening package. A budget for 2018-2019 was submitted and approved with an increase to the fees of $15 and continuing the President’s release at 50%.  The dues for Border Land for 2018-2019 will be $165.

In addition, the Vice President submitted updated Constitution, By-Laws and Policy, which has now been sent to Manitoba Teachers’ Society for approval. If approved next year there would be an election and the President who ever was elected would have a two-year term. Past President would be a one-year term, and then deleted until a new President is elected.

In the Education Finance report, we were reminded that, things are not as they seem, and we were provided with reminders and talking points when people talk teachers about the funding issues facing teachers, principals and school divisions.

These are just a few of the highlights of the ABM please feel free to check out the rest of the website for reports from each of the Chairs.


What happened at Provincial Council?

Follow this link for more information on all the details of Provincial Council:

An important resolution regarding Principals and Vice Principals passed the Council.

RESOLUTION B25 (Provincial Executive) (carried)
BE IT RESOLVED that Policy I, Part VI – MEMBER SERVICES – 6.1 Principals and Vice-Principals in the Society be reaffirmed:
6.1 Principals and Vice-Principals
Membership in the Society
The Society shall oppose any attempt to separate principals and vice-principals from the general body of the teaching profession or to deny principals and vice-principals the full rights of membership in the Society including the right to be a member of a Local bargaining unit.

Considering current events in Nova Scotia it is Imperative that we work together with Principals and Vice Principals.

Thank you to Mary Chalmers, Joel Wiebe, Larissa Boyd and Rachael Smith for attending on behalf of the teachers of Border Land.