Employee Benefits Report – January 22nd, 2018

Employee Benefits Report

January 2018

This is just a reminder of of the changes…MPSE 2017 Winter Newsletter_Teachers version_December 15

There are have been some important changes happening to the benefits plan which were outlined in the September 2017 newsletter sent out by Manitoba Public School Employees Benefits Plan (MPSEBP) that I would like to highlight.

  1. Health Plan Premiums Increase
  • Premiums are going up by 4.9% starting September 1, 2017 (This is not the Dental Plan – Please read further down for that)
  • They will go up another 1.8% starting January 1, 2017
  • Why the increase? – The plan experienced double digit claims cost increases primarily in prescription drug costs and in paramedical services
  1. Reasonable and Customary Charges
  • A major change that some people may have already experienced, is starting September 1, 2017, paramedical services will now have reasonable and customary Charges
  • You will still have the same amount each year (eg: $850 for massage), however, the cost per visit will now have a limit
  • The plan will cover 80% of the reasonable and customary charge but if your service costs more than the reasonable and customary charge set for that paramedical service, you will have to pay the rest of the amount
  • Please see the following chart to see the reasonable and customary charges for each paramedical field:





Per Visit Maximums (Reasonable and Customary Charges) (effective Sept/17)
Paramedical Practitioner Per Visit Maximum
Acupuncturist $85
Athletic Therapist Initial: $77.73

Subsequent: $52.91

Audiologist $115
Chiropractor $50
Clinical Psychologist $180
Foot Care Nurse $45
Massage Therapist $80
Naturopath $170
Occupational Therapist $165
Osteopath $140
Physiotherapist Initial: $73.70

Subsequent: $59.35

Podiatrist Home Visit: $92

Office Visit: $62

New Patient Office Visit: $72

Registered Dietician $145
Speech-Language Pathologist $110


*The plan covers 80% of the per visit maximum (reasonable and customary charge) for eligible paramedical services. *




  1. Preferred Pharmacy Network
  • Introduced in January 2017, there are 2 preferred pharmacies in this network that were set up to save you money. These are:
    • Costco Pharmacy (Winnipeg) for short term prescriptions
    • Express Scripts Canada (ESC) Pharmacy® for long term maintenance prescriptions (They will deliver to your mail box)
  • At these two pharmacies, the plan will pay 90% of the cost of the prescription (instead of 80% with other pharmacies) so that you will only pay 10% of the prescription cost
  • You can sign up for ESC online at express-scripts.ca/mpse and use the VIP code: MPSE
  1. Dental Plan Increases:
  • The BLSD dental plan premium will go up 3% as of September 2017 and will go up an additional 3% in January 2018
  • This increase was voted on by the Executive and Council in June 2017 under the recommendation of Glen Anderson
  1. Early to Mid-Career TRAF Seminar
  • South-East Area has their Seminar Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at Morris School from 5-7:30pm
  • I encourage everyone who is able to attend as there are changes coming to teacher pensions and it is very important that you are at these seminars to give your feedback on what you would like to see
  • MTS uses these seminars to inform them when going into meetings with the government
  1. Maternity/Paternity leave Seminar
  • Borderland School Division is having an information session for anyone going on Maternity/Paternity Leave on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at Roseau Valley School in Dominion City from 5-7pm
  • If you have questions or concerns about leave, Nancy Kerr from MTS will be there to answer all your questions
  • For more details, please contact Mary Chalmers or Larissa Boyd