President’s Report for November 2017

Executive Mtg # 3 & Council Meeting # 4 ~ Monday November 20th, 2017

President’s Goals:
1. Membership Engagement:
i. Maternity and Parental Leave Seminar
ii. New Member Presentation
iii. Mid to Late Career teachers
2. Prep for the 2018 Bargaining
3. Increase our Social Media, Website and Newsletter presence. (
Items For information:
o Contact information: I can be contacted by email at or I can also be contacted at Shevchenko School or by phone at 204-371-0721(cellphone).
o I attended the M.T.S. Seminar on Workplace Safety and Health. The day consisted of a presentation by Dr. Danielle Fullan-Kolton on Crucial Conversations in the context of Workplace Safety and Health. We may want to start looking at getting Executive Members trained.
o I attended Presidents’ Council. There was a discussion about the new format for Constitutions, By-Laws and Policy, as well discussions about the effects of Bill 28. I have included a copy the current information on Bill 28

o On October 29th and 30th we had an Executive Meeting and Executive Training. The intention for the Executive Training was to look at the Constitution, By- Laws, and Policy, to see what needed to be updated. We were then going to do some goals and planning for each committee, however we ended spending the day on updating the Constitution, By-Laws and Policy. Our next Executive Meeting in December will be dedicated to updating all of those.

o I will be meeting with Krista Curry our Superintendent on Thursday November 23rd.

o After report cards I will be writing a blog post for our website and I will send a link to every member. Also, we will be adjusting the website so that Executive Members can add their reports. As well some Executive Members have information to share so we make sure that goes out to our members.

o Collective Agreement 2014 – 2018: Can be found on website and I have pdf copies that can be sent upon request.

  • Also on behalf of the Professional Development Committee remember that members may apply to the Special Fund. (Check your email)

Respectfully Submitted by:
Mary Chalmers
President: Border Land Teachers’ Association