November President’s Message

Hello Everyone!

As always it has been a great start to the year. Every year it seems that the time speeds and before you know it the first set of report cards need to go out and Parent Teacher Conferences are upon us.

A few things:

  • We are all subject to the Code of Professional Practice. You may have noticed that I included a portion of the Code of Professional Practice. (as well as a link to the Code) I did this as a reminder that each of us,
    myself included, are subject to the Code of Professional Practice. Within the Code of Professional Practice there are protections for all members to speak with their President, a Staff Officer from the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (Section 6 a,b, & c).
  • If you have question regarding the BLTA or something that it is doing, please contact myself or one of the members of the Executive and feel free to ask the question. We may not have the answer immediately but we will try to find it and help you in anyway
  • Every year as President I try to get to every school whenever possible. If you would like me to come, I would be happy to come. During February I am available to come and share a book with a class with your school. Send me some dates that work for you!
  • This year we have filled most of the roles on the Executive, however Professional Development is still looking for a Chairperson. The President has been filling this role, if you are interested and perhaps would like to co-chair with the President please contact me (Mary Chalmers).